Sunday, June 27, 2010

I hate tuition classes on Sunday

I hate tuition classes on Sunday.
Sunday is suppose to be a day for me to rest & relax but?!
I have to attend tuition class.
Went to 1U this morning & met Kalye.
And now,I am using my cousin sis's laptop to update my bloggie.
Can't wait to get my new specs.

Outfit of the day❤

I heart this car❤

My body was shaking when this pic was captured...
Fishes behind!

Tomorrow's the first day of Koperasi week.
Will be selling chocolate milk shake,rootbeer,jelly,cheesy sausage & tomyam bihun.
Guys,must 'bong can' our store owh~ ^^
Watched Lady gaga's satan video thingy just now.
Emily said that she could not sleep bcuz she was shocked that she sold her soul to the devil and her mv are all related to the satan belief.
Hahah...I don't think that it's true,I hope so.
Gotta go now,tuition tuition tuition,ARGH!
Alright,happy Sunday people.


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