Friday, June 4, 2010

Sorry students,I'm Puan Tan ;)

Teachers' day celebration is finally over.
Enjoyed watching the teachers acting as students especially 'SUSU'ssss. XD

Susu 1 - Puan Sughita
Susu 2 - Puan Suleha
Susu 3 - Puan Suraya
Susu 4 - Encik Sulaiman

Hahah,they are borned to be great funny actors and actresses!
There're many dances and singings which were done by the performers.
Oh yea,wahaha,I knew that all of you will be guessing the wrong person.
TET! Sorry students,I am Puan Tan. ;)
Heels are killing me.
My poor little feet are very pain because of the high heels.
ARGH,I danced with bare feet too.
Heh,fun. :P

~Incident I~
When I reached school,I couldn't see any sketch people.
So I went to the Bilik Akses as what we had planned to be at.
Puan Uma opened the gate and I placed my bags and stuffs inside.
There's no electricity so I went off for a little while.
When I came back,the door's locked. =.=
I went to find the teachers for help and luckily Puan Tehn helped me to call Puan Uma and I managed to save my bags and stuffs.
Tiring. =.=

~Incident II~
A make up artist helped me to do make up-ing stuffs.
GOSH,she asked me to be quiet.
Hey sis,I just want simple make up and I believe that I have the right to tell you right?
Alright,you see,I am playing Puan Tan's role,I am not suppose to have heavy make ups.
I just need a little bit of eye shadow and twing,that's it!
But,she had me with eye liners and mascara,my eyes looked smooky and I hate it.
Besides,she 修 my eyebrows too!
Oh my god,I was very worried and it was kinda painful actually.
I am not the smooky type person!
I am just Puan Tan the second!


I should have helped myself but not her.
I can't clear the make ups off my eyes although I have taken my bath.
Seriously,I am not going to go for the make up artists again,not anymore.
It has becoming a phobia. :S
Enjoyed the song played by KT,Wayshen,Joel and Yap.
Nice song guys!♥
Duh,I can't swim tomorrow and it's sad.
Wrong timing darling,you have destroyed my beautiful weekend in Golden Palace. :'(
Oh yea,I am going to Palace of the Golden Horses to stay for a night tomorrow.
Yay! Awwwwww... :(
Okay,I am done.
Make sure that you guys enjoy your 2 weeks holiday and have fun!
Ciaoz peeps♥


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