Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday,a tired one

Our sale was quite successful.
The best selling food was tomyam bihun.
It was sold off before form 3's recess time ends so form 4 & 5 had no chance to have a try.
Don't worry,we will prepare a lot for sure tomorrow!
Tasted the soup,not bad,I wish that it could be more spicier.
Skipped 2 periods of add maths today & we realised that 2 periods before 10.30am for us to do decorations aren't enough.
I will be doing the sausage tomorrow,will be skipping the first 5 periods I guess.
I am beat.
Art class was normal but tiring.
Luckily he came and fetched me,otherwise I will have to bring all the heavy stuffs home alone.
Having art class tonight at 8,have to walk back home. :(
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day & the same goes to our selling.
See ya peeps.


My driver,I miss you♥

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