Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eye bags can be Sweet ♥ Sexy

Finally,exam's over.
I don't care and I am going to become a sleepig beauty tonight.


All right,let's talk about history,or I should say 'herstory'.
Well,I fainted at school yesterday.
Oh um...I did. =.=
DUH,I missed Add Maths paper 2 as I went back home in the morning to take some rest.
Dad and mum's right,no good burning the midnight oil.
And yet,I am still keep on burning it.
I think I was being too stressful for facing the weakest and the scariest subject of mine & my sleeping time was interrupted,I had a bad sleepless night.
I am scared,hopefully it isn't Anemia as what Mr.Yap had mentioned today.
Tap wood!

ARGH,I am sleepy and yet,tuition classes to go~~
Nevermind darling,relax and you'll be just fine.
Well,eye bags can be sweet and sexy,although it's not a positive sign.
Sleep earlier tonight I have to,take good care of my body I must.

Okie dokie,tic tac tic tac,time for the next tuition class -- HIStory.
Hopefully I am not going to fall asleep peace☮

To all my lovely friends - Happy sleeping nights!

# her♥story on thursday,stay tune ♫

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