Sunday, June 6, 2010

There goes my weekend ♥♫


I am feeling sleepy,I guess I ate too much just now. :X
We are finally back from the hotel and back to granny's house.
After checking out,we went to a book fair.
I got nothing. =.=
Actually I wanted to buy a book,'The host' by Stephanie Meyer but daddy and mummy did not allow.
Duh,what? You want me to wait until SPM's over?!
I was sad. :'(
Had dimsum as our lunch at a famous Phuchong dimsum restaurant.
There're crowded with people and we had to queue up for our turn.
The food was okay,but the price...OMG.
Luckily the food wasn't bad,otherwise I will sue you! XO
Took a more-than-half-an-hour shower,felt much better.
Pics were taken these days,may take a look at them ♫

My sweet Saturday morning♥

Beautiful paintings.

Mr.Chin's painting.

Lying on the hotel's superb soft & boing boing bed!! XD

Shhh~ Don't tell her about this. XD

Meet my mummy.^^



A princess? No,the queen.

Supper at old Town White Coffee.

The adults.

This costed 20 bucks. O.O

Yin's wantan mee.


Char Siew pau!

Wanna eat~??

Oh yea,forgot to mention that I went to Jinjang yesterday morning for an art exhibition + donation organized by Space Art.
Heh,the paintings are beautiful right?^^
Okay,that's all for now.
Oh my,this post is gonna be very very very very very looooooooooooooong.
Bye people,take care ciaoz♥


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