Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guess who I m'

It's teachers' day celebration tomorrow.
Loads of people,loads of performences,and loads of happiness.
Oh yea,not forget,loads of sweat.
Tomorrow will be an extra hot day,hot + hot = hot square.
The temperature of SMKTBM will be increased.
TBM folks,express yourselves people!!❤
I am involved in a sketch and you guys,c'mon and guess who I am.
Mine is a kinda flat character,so it my identity might be harder to be revealed.
Thought that I will have a chance to play with the fire extinguisher today as they're a fire s.o.s practice today.
Who knows that we were only standing under the hot sun and slowly turning into anchovies?
If I knew it earlier,I will bring my umbrella along for sure.
I wanna play with the fire extinguisher!


I have a problem now,how am I going to shorten my hair tomorrow?
I have the electric curling set thingy but it has not been used before.
It's Revlon,a brand new one.
Argh,I need temporary short hair.

S.O.S help!

Okay,hopefully everything will be just fine tomorrow.
Let's have fun al'together babey.
Cheer for my last year of secondary school life!
Don't forget to give a big round applause to the great performers tomorrow,they do really great jobs. ;)
Okie dokie,good night sleep tight tata with



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