Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bad Day :(

Stomachache,don't know why.
I had a bad day.
I did not take art exam today cuz I was doing art project stuff.
After that,I went to Kalye's house and we have waited for Wendy's mum to fetch us to Jusco for next week's sale which is Koperasi week.
Hush hush,we bought expensive things!
The 'expensive' means the prices are much more higher compare to the market's.
We went to 'Yen Chong Hong' after that and we realised that the prices of the items we bought are much more cheaper than what we bought in Jusco!


HMPH,we have wasted our money & we will earn them back! >o<
After that,I had my Chocolate Indulgence in Marry Brown.
I love the cake so much.
Will be trying 'durian durian' next time,heh. :D
After lunch,Wendy's mum fetched Kalye & me back home.
We helped her to carry the things into her house and we left.
Then I realised that I left my baggie at her house!
So,aunty stopped at a bus stop beside Kalye's house and I used the small passage way to Kalye's house.
After taking my bag,my eyes suddenly bacame blur and I started to feel dizzy.
I thought something had gone into my right eye but NO!
When I got into the car,I took my specs down and realised that the piece was gone!
Wendy & I went to search for it but we failed. X'I
That goes my afternoon.
Went to make a new spec just now,a frameless one as he wished.^^
I took a very long time to pick it,more than an hour.
Yay,new spec!
My old whitey spec,I will miss you.

Smile for a better day :D

Me & my painting.



My painting❤


Gotta start doing art project soon.
Oh no,almost forgot to do the decorations for the food sale!
Sheath,I am half dead.
Ciaoz peeps♥


We've been together for ten months.
Happy 10th anniversary.

❤ :)

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