Friday, June 25, 2010

I ♥ Peanut Butter!

I ♥ peanut butter.
I enjoy eating bread spreaded with peanut butter these days.
Nope,I eat them every single day! XO
Oh God,I am going to be fat. >.<
School was
There's a singing competition organized by Chinese society which was held in APD.
I tell you,the APD was soooo crowded until you cannot breathe!
I had to stood up like ballerinas and take in fresh air.
Wishing them all the best. :)
It's raining,the sky's sad.
I spent 2.50 bucks during recess time just for food.
That was my first time spending so much during recess.
Aww...I will turn into a pig in no time,for sure.
Art exam's tomorrow,haven't started practise yet.
God bless me.
That's all for now,ciaoz.


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