Saturday, June 12, 2010

1/2 busy day✿

Woke up late in the morning.
Something scary happened in the morning.
Mum called me from the market at 8.45am to ask me whether I was still going to the library for gotong-royong or not.
I did answer her call BUT!!
I didn't know that I did answer the call!
OH MY GOD! I did not know that I did woke up & I did spoke to her!
What happened?
Oh God,I was totally blank when she told me about that.
She said that I told her that I wasn't going to school anymore.
Ahhh,what happened to me?!!
Alright,so,I went to school late around 10++.
Ben dear fetched me to art class at 12,heheh,my personal driver.^^
Here you go,your 'Best Personal Driver Award',nah♥

The sweetest piggie kiss ever!
Just for you! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! XD
Must keep it nicely oh,it's very valuble.^^
If you DARE enough to lost it,hahaha...
Oh yea,I wanna be the brownie pig,it looks slimmer & cuter,so you be the white one lah,muahaha! XD
After that,I went to my violin replacement class at 2.30pm.
Auh,tired. :S
Will be watching 'Karate kid' tonight with Kalye & potato.
But the thing is -- transport back.
Aiks,gambadeh,the problem will be solved,I believe.
That goes my day.
Will be wearing Little Miss Whoops later,happy! >w<
That's all for now,ciaoz honeys.


Lotza love for ya muacks♥


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