Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tissue monster :O

Having a bad flu,mucus keep on being procuced in my nostrea,yuck!
Will be taking medicine soon,hopefully I will not feel sleepy during Mr.Fong's class tonight.
Skipped 7 periods today,aww. :(
I was the apron lady of the day today,woohoo,my body was very smelly.
All sorts of ketchup,sause,oil,chocolate & even ice-cream can be found on the apron.
The sale was good today,people lovee cheesy sausage a.k.a. fat dog! XD
My body is tired,even writing can beat me down.
2 days of sale left,hopefully we will earn more money for our History club.^^
It's raining,what are you doin?
Oh man,tissue,I need you.
Pray hard to avoid my nose from getting blocked.
Finger crossed.

xoxo ✿


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