Thursday, June 10, 2010

*CLIOD* Taylor's BIG!

Hanyang came & fetched me at 6.45am this morning,thanks for being my driver!
I am feeling kinda tired now,was wearing contact lens for the whole day today.
Taylor's big and the facilities there aren't bad.
I was joining 'Grafic Design'.
Hah! I thought I was going to spend my whole day long without any malurians.
Guess what,I was Chai Kei,Shan & Tze wei!
I felt soooooooo safe! XD ♥
Unfortunately,we were divided into 2 different groups & I got back alone again.
The first station was drawing.
We were leaded into an art studio and we drew a portrait based on statues which were placed at the middle of the class.
I enjoyed sketching much.^^
The next station was...
We were divided into 5 small groups and we had to make 2D models based on the title they gave.
My group has got the title of 'David Beckham'.
Oh God,we were sqeezing our brains to think of the ideas to cut & paste the figures & the BALL.
I was glad that we actually did it well.
After that,the hosts leaded us to the compiter lab,a little studio and the library.
I love the chairs in the library!
They're so modern and cutee! XD
We had coupons & we had our lunch at the cafeteria.
I had wantan mee & apple juice,not bad. :)
Some of us were late fot the next 2pm class.
AIKS,malunya! >.<
Wakaka,the last session was interesting.
We were asked to make 3D model based on what we've done for the second station.
A 3D David beckham? I was going to faint.
Hahah,our darling Dheodora had to 'put on David Beckham's model' and took part in the photography session.
Hahah,we made her like this.

Miss David Beckham!

Freeda & I was the hair stylist♥
The sate sticks mohawk were designed by mey!

Our 2D model of David Beckham,looks alike right? :D

During the class.

In the computer room.

BIG Apple.

Came back home at 7.35pm after stucking in a traffic jam since 6pm.
Made new friends with Hanyang's -- Grace,Peter,Benjamin TEOH,Sherlin,Eeleng & an Indonesian girl. ( Sorry! I kept forgetting your name! >.< )
We were making a lot of noise on the library until the kakak had to 'shhh!'.
Paiseh,hahah! We are crazy people~!!!!!
Had fun today,but too bad,Taylor college will only start having fashoin design course on 2012.
Yaiks. :'(
I thought the lake's big and blue,but heh... :P
I had a nice day,thanks for everyone who had helped me out today.
Terima Kasih♥
Good night sleep tight,my friends.

AWW,my lips are dry and reddish. :(



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