Monday, June 14, 2010


Monday morning is boring. DUH. =o=
I've done a piece of directed writing & a piece of summary.
Oh man,there're 7 sets of thingy to be completed in a week?
NO WAY! ๑.๑
I've wasted a week of hols doing nothing.
OMG regretful!
Time passed by that fast until I couldn't breathe.
I am scared to face those sucky results of mine after school reopens.
I need a looooooooooooong enough break,yeah I need it.
My wish can't come true. :'(
Took my dinner twice yesterday.
The second one was taken in Tuck Kee.
The food was really nice but they're in small portions.
Eee. >.<
Enjoyed playing with the 2 little boys,they are just so cutee ღღ

The pau was really nice.

The big bully.

This is little Raven.

Haih...What am I going to do next?
Oh well,that's all for now.
Ciaoz & enjoy the remaining holi-6-DAYS!


ღღ ๑۩۞۩๑ ღღ

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