Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I want my day to be filled with Passion ♥

Went for a walk with Kalye,Wenting & potato at Desa Park City this morning.
Guess what? Yumi came!♥
She's growing up very fast,oh,she hugged me when she saw me!
Hahah,she walks with her right arm shaking vigorously,she's very cutee! XD
Attended Puan Haris's class at 8am.
It's so early. :'(
My tummy was making noises during her class,I was H U N G R Y . =.=
After taking my breakfast A.K.A burger,I went to Chai's house.
Ladies' lil party!
KT,Cat & SweetE came after their tuition class too.
We ate a lot of snacks,I need more exercises. T.T
Came back home at 2.50pm.
Watched 海派甜心 third episode.
林达浪 is still very funny,陈宝珠 is still the devil.
The line was bad,was kinda mad with it.
Oh yea,baby came yesterday,look,she's getting bigger isn't it?

Babies,hahah,they are so cute.
Gu ji gu ji,hahah. -^^-
Will be attending Sejarah soon,not in the mood of studying.

My lips are dry,where are you?


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