Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ladies' Night

Went overnight at Chai's house yesterday.
Woohoo~~ we slept at 3++ am.
Syoknya~~~! XD
We watched movies,Detective Conan and blah.
We had a mini water splash 'battle' too. XP
Hahah,her sister is very stressful.
Gambadeh oh onisang,you can do it!

Wash face face.


Brush teeth teeth.

My nose is becoming very sentitive these days.
I keep on sneezing for no reason,DUH. =.=
Went to take breakfast at the market this morning.
We saw Sze Mei & her family at the same noodle stall.
Her dad helped us to pay for the noodles!
I was very paiseh,anyway,thanks a lot uncle! X)
We did handcrafts today,no painting.
Yay. :D
Since it's Fathers' Day tomorrow,we were making a little letter box specially for our daddy.
We are not going to celebrate it I guess,sign. :'(
Alright,that's all for now.
Oh no,I forgot to complete Miss Tang's essay!

Gotta complete it tonight!
Hush hush hush.
Ciaoz people,hugs & kisses.


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