Thursday, November 4, 2010

#469 - Tonight I wanna cry

I am so in the mood of blogging.

Dated with him for the whole morning & the afternoon today. We took loads of cheese as breakfast,cheesey sausages,cheese slices & cheese cakes. I guess I will get fat in no time :X Just wanna tell him that I love him. He will be extremely busy these few weeks because his college is throwing a prom night on 28 November & he's one of the 'back stage' committee. I forgot what's the club name,scs something. Oh no I am so forgetful. It's kinda like an event organizing club. Activities like sports carnivals,fund raising,proms & etc are all under the club. Poor Ben. He has to go to school even it's on weekend or even public holidays like tomorrow,Deepavali. Wishing him all the best in everything,don't spoil your health & eating each & every meal is a MUST,no excuses. Even your mum claims that you're skinny,hmph? No matter where you are,what you do,I am always thinking of you. ( argh I don't wanna become love addict XP ) Although I do not say it out,but it doesn't mean that I'm not,because you my VVVIP *very very very important pig* XD

I wonder why I always feel that something is missing,but I don't know what that 'thing' is. Yes I am contented with my life. But why? Why is that feeling keeps interrupting me? Hahaha,I think there's something wrong with my brain. Didn't study much this week. I am always finding excuses not to study. Tired? Later first? Hungry? Nonsense. Panic panic panic. It has conquered my mind until I feel like I am not the very me anymore. Maybe I look like one,a normal one,but actually I am acting quite abnormal these days. I know that it's gonna hurt,but I say it out. I know that it's crazy,but I do it. I know that I am tired,but I cannot sleep in the midnight. I know that I have not much time left,but now,I don't know what I do or don't do is right or wrong,I can hardly differentiate them. I need somebody to talk to. Really? Or everything is just my illusions,my crazy thoughts? I want myself back.

My following 3 days is going to be fun & busy. I will be going to a hotel in Sunway tomorrow,will be staying in the hotel room being a total nerd studying & get taught by my cousin sister for the whole afternoon ( I guess so ) & the interesting one,BUFFET NIGHT! I bet there will be variety types of Indian food as tomorrow is Deepavali. I don't care,I know that the 6 of us -- Flora A.K.A cousin sister,Fat Wei A.K.A fatty cousin brother,me me me me me,Mi-2 A.K.A little cousin sister & my 2 brothers are going to sapu everything there. The power of 6,muahaha! XD Next,we will be playing badminton on the next Saturday morning. Good,I can exercise after buffet. Furthermore,my family & I are going to join Terry Fox Run this Sunday. Terry Fox was...I am lazy to describe,but he's a great person. View his biodata & his touching story in I've been joining it for the past 3 years,I know that this will be another exhausting one. God bless,I will not faint. 

Alright,I promised myself that I will only blog not more than twice a week until SPM is over. Gotta Gonna study really hard,otherwise,I will cry. Go listen to Keith Urban's 'tonight I wanna cry',amazing. Okay,that's all for now. 19 days to SPM. GAMBADEH! S.O.S,help,support. Bhye bhye human on earth.

I me my mine he his ours 
Love my hair,lots,loads
& you too!

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