Friday, November 12, 2010

Graduation Day,bye bye form 5 !!

People~ I'm finally graduated! Woohoo! XD Erm...I don't know how to describe the feelings,it's like...sour sweet. I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about the graduation today. The weather this morning wasn't nice,it started raining when I reached school around 7.15am. Stupid rain. I thought we're all going to have it at tapak perhimpunan but we had it at the new block where the 'tapak' is small & very dusty. We had to sit on the newpapers to avoid our pants or skirts from getting dirty. The weren't many teachers there during Majlis Restu. I thought all the teachers will be there,shaking our hands & giving us wishes but there're not more than 20,yeap. 

Teachers gave us 3 long taklimats about the do's,don'ts,exam rules & blah. Thanks to all the teachers who had wished us,I believe that all of us will be doing our very best in SPM :) Brought my DSLR to school for crazy pictures! Those pictures will be my beautiful memory,never ever forget! X3 We had a few poses here. The most 'classical' or to say,common pose of us was the 'flying pose'. We're not actually flying but we were jumping. That was fun,hahaha. Glad that there's nobody shedding any tears but laughters.

There's something I need to mention here. I ENTERED GUYS TOILET TODAY! XD Erm...there's nothing for me to proud about as that was not my first time entering guys toilet,but I entered when there're 2 guys 'doing their business'! XD Of course,Shan Hoe shoe them away to another side first before we girls enter. If not...I am sure that the guys do not dare to see us already,because malu. HAHAHA! XD

We had a prayer ceremony after recess, for Buddist students,it was being held in the hall. 3 monks came & they blessed us. The ceremony took about half an hour & they 'sprayed' water onto each & every students as a blessing. I did not get sprayed much,only a few tiny drops of water :( They gave each & every students 3 strings to tie on our hand. Thank you for your wishes,hopefully my dream will come true with the help of God. We arranged our seats for SPM after that. As usual,5A & 5B will be sitting for the exam in the hall. I kinda like my seat,it's at the second line,second back row. I feel better sitting behind,I don't wanna sit in front,I will be pressurized. Ling Sze was very scared because she feels that she's more fear sitting at the back,she would love to sit in the front rows but too bad,she's sitting right beside me! XD Dear,don't be scared,the seatings aren't important,what is important is our presentation. So let's do our best & past the exam with flying colours,all together! X) 

Shall be abandoning my blog for some time,will be back blogging actively after SPM,I promise. I love my blog,I really do :) 

Meet the greenies~!!

Have a break,have a kit kat.

Wee! XD

Wee Wee! XD

Shan Hoe was jumping over us...
*children under 16 cannot play play with this*

Best friends forever!

Shan Hoe in girls toilet.
I don't understand the expression on his face.

Me in the boys toilet! XD
Not the first time though.

OMG,there's gold on the left hand side.

The very originally me.
Gosh,I looked like having wrinkles,tap wood! CHOI! XO

Guess what? I have taken more than 500 pictures in school today! I have no idea how I am going to upload all of them to facebook,besides,those big memory pictures are going to swallow plenty of my time for uploading them! Oh God,I have no choice but to do so,because I wanna share those funny & touching moments with all of you! I promise that I will upload everything in my DSLR.

Today is a memorable day for me. This is how I ended my secondary school life. Although our school did not organize any graduation dinner or anything,but this is the most precious memory I ever had with my fellow friends. The world is huge. I believe that we'll all be meeting many other new friends when we're in college or in form 6,but please do always remember that there's a lady called Stephanie Choo Min Hua who will be missing her 5A friends always. May our friendship never ends. Call me if you guys wanna go yamcha *wink* :D

Okie,I guess that's all for now. My pc is lag because I have to 'deal' with the 500 over pictures... & I wonder why I cannot upload those pictures straight from my DSLR,so I have to copy all of them ( which takes plenty of time doing it ) into my pendrive & upload them again to facebook. Gosh,I will be having 3 graduation photo albums in facebook. My memories! XD Alright,all the best to my fellow friends & good luck in SPM. See ya all on 23 November!



  1. congrats steph..good luck on your journey...:D

  2. Well I've certainly had my fair share of obliviously walking into the ladies... only to be greeted by smiling girls. Of course, all I could do was blush and try a cover up line like, can I have your number as I gradually walk backwards towards the exit :p

    Also congrats on graduating from high school :)

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