Sunday, November 7, 2010

#470 - Body egg!

Just came back from Terry Fox Run not long ago. Alright,I will talk about things which had happened these few days briefly. As I've mentioned,I went to a hotel in Subang Jaya -- Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel. It's a 5 star hotel but it looks a bit 'old',hahah. We booked a suit room & it's holly huge. I love the bathroom much but not the bed. I prefer 'The Palace of Golden Horses',the beds are really comfy & soft & bouncy. My dear cousin sis Flora taught me Integration,thanks a lot! We did not stay there but we came back home instead. So,we had our buffet dinner that night & it was overall...not bad. Pictures shall explain them all :)

Went for badminton yesterday morning with a big gang of people. They have booked 4 courts,can you imagine how many people joined the game yesterday? Since I've not been playing it for a long time,I ended up playing for 1 hour non-stop & now,my arms & my butt are pain,muscle pain. Anyway,I do enjoyed it a lot. Burn calories & fats! Hurray! X3 Woo,not to forget this,Joel is a good driver,hahah! Thnaks for fetching us yesterday. Yesterday was a boring day,skipped art class as my right arm was too tired to move the brush. 

Woke up early this morning in order to prepare myself for Terry Fox Run. There're many 'plastic toilets' prepared by 'ToiToi Company'. I used to say 'I wanna go to toitoi' to my friends in school,which means I wanna go pee in the toilet,accompany me. Hahah,ToiToi! XD The weather this morning was quite wet & moist,but it's good that there's no sun because I don't wanna get dark anymore,I am dark enough. The run started at 9am ++,after the warming up session,we started to run. Run run run,I think I've only spent less than 15 minutes to finish the 2.5km run,I was so happy for finishing it that fast! Heheh,actually,the free 'Milo' was my determination,I wanna get free milo fast so I ran fast! Hush hush hush. Greedy piggy! -^^- 

Okay,pics time.

Monkeys playing on the bed.


I find it funny,do you? XD

Weee~ Spot the rabbit ears XD

Daddy captured it 

*~Buffet time~*

Those were what I ate on that night.


The rice cubes weren't nice :X

I personally  this piece.

It looks cute right,let me tell you,it yucks! >.<

Asparagus soup + bread stick.

Dessert! <3

Chocolate fountain + fruits.
The chocolate was  A W E S O M E ! 

Tea or me?

This,is my youngest brother.
Look at his face,I mean expressions.


This,is my younger brother.

Ice-cream + chocolate ripple! Yumyum~

Princess~!! *she's dreaming*

Webcammed with aunt in England last night. We talked a lot. I miss her soooooo much & guess what,I'm going to see her soon! X)

The weather in London starts to become cold.
But look at me,I'm still holding a fan fanning myself. 

*~Terry Fox Run~* 

Face painting. 

I was the one who requested to have it on my forehead.
Heeee :D

Happy Deepavali world!

His turn.

Aren't they colourful?

Spot the little Indian girl's curious face X)

His tattoo *kononnya*

Horsie! I love pony.

Love this piece 

& this.

That goes my day. Uploading those pics have took plenty of my time,shall upload or to say,shall take less pictures until the exam is over. Okie dokie,good luck in your studies my friends,it's time to say goodbye. See ya soon!

Goodbye Bloggie girl.

Miss you my darling

*oh my this is such a loooooong post*

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