Friday, September 24, 2010

Crap !!

Sheath,I had no idea how to answer seni paper 1,the objective paper. I did study,although I couldn't manage to study all but at least I did something but the worst thing was I could not remember any! I wanna score,PRAY HARD.

Um,we had our seni papers in 5M today. There's a lot of voices being made... Before paper 1 ends,a guy ( I don't know who he is ) asked his freinds to pass me a piece of paper. After I receive it,they all laughed =.=  I knew that it's a stupi* joke so I decided not to open it up,btw,it was being rolled. After that,I opened the rolled paper when I was walking out of the school and =o= ,what? 'Love you,miss you' ?? HAHAH VERY FUNNY. Hopefully they are not doing this during SPM,because this can cause a very serious case. I'm sorry,I am not penalising anyone.

Paper 2 was the painting piece. I managed to finish it in 2 and a half hour. I saw Mandy's,that was beautifully done,gorgeous. It looks like a picture :)  Hmm...I think that my piece of work was a little messy,it's the human face structure,I should have drawn it better :(  My practise piece is better than that,sign... Besides,I used a colour wrongly and I forgot to colour one small part which can make a big different,that's why the face looks kinda odd. My paint could be better,but nevermind... DUH!

He's now participating in a camp in erm... I have forgotten the name of the place,it's kinda like a FRIM,a forest,a 'treely' place. Stupid place,no line no line no line... Stupid forest.

My eyes are kinda red,sometimes blurr. I wanna take a nap so eagerly,but I have to study for the Chemistry test tonight T_______T  No use crying over split milk,so...I better sleep for a while first,hahah :D

Btw,McD's new menu -- order a large set meal to get cheesy powder + french fries = cheesy fries. They were AWESOME!!! XD Nway,do not eat too much McD yea,bad bad bad.

Alright,that's all for now. Will be sleeping with  Emily  tonight,hahah!!! ( << it sounds so weird ) Chow and good luck in studies.

Stupi* line.

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