Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Don't feel like blogging today but...nevermind.
Went to DPC with Kalye and her family this morning.
We were chit chatting and keep looking for dogs.
Guess what? We saw a Siberian Husky!
It's so beautiful and fantasy looking,love it much.
If I am given a chance to raise one more dog,I would like to have a BIG one.
Teehee,I want a Golden Retriever :D

Had my breakfast at her house after 'market trip'.
That was my first time eating the pork bihun mee,it was nice.
Thanks darling

I 'free' Jackee yesterday,I let him out.
He was so exited and jumped here and there like a rabbit.
Hahah,he's so cute and he's even smaller than Mimi.^^
Yes,Mimi is slighty larger than him.
I wonder when they will have the chance to make friends with each other,he's lonely.
Took pics with Nikon,dad praised me cuz I took some good shots.
Jackee was the model.

What do you think?

Milk + cereals + cookies = lunch.
How sudden it was.

Alright,that's all.

SPM : 68 days left

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