Thursday, September 2, 2010

She did it her way

Teachers weren't teaching today as we're practising songs for the choir tomorrow.
We're going to sing 4 songs which are 'my way',school song,auld lang syne and 'don't stop believing' by Glee cast.
I love 'my way',it's sweet and nice.
Don't really know what to wear...
I have 3 choices,please get me the right one.
The day is super duper hot.
Was running here and there in the school and got myself sweating madly.
Feels like swimming again,sign.
Although I'm scared of water ( I don't know why I can swim ),but it's a really good way of relaxation.
It burns calories off,too.
Btw,mum's onlive today.
I wanna beg her to buy me that cake.
ARGH I missed it lotzz!

I don't miss you.

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