Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Went for a date to Sunway Pyramid yesterday :D
Ehem,he was LATE again.
After buying 2 couple-seat tickets for 'Step up 3',we went for our breakfast a.k.a lunch.
I wanted to go to Fullhouse,but too bad,it wasn't opened yet.
So,we headed to Taiwanese restaurant -- '鲜定位'.
I went there before,the food there aren't bad :)
He made the decisions which were orange juice as drink,cheese pork chop set and mutton mini hot pot.
I kinda like the cheese pork chop,I thought it was chicken XD
Actually,that was a mini celebration for our first year anniversary.
At first,he wanted to treat me at Shogun but I think that it's too expensive as he has to pay double.
For his wallet's sake,I decided not to eat at there.
We can still 'makan besar' at other places right? ^^

Wakaka,the lunch was yumyum.
I wonder why he got so full that fast,hahah!
I  was craving for more food but he can't walk already.
He ate too much mutton perhaps,typical carnivore :P
Teehee,I bought myself 4 pairs of earings.
 I love accessories.
Duh,I couldn't find any nice hairbands.
There were some but too costful.
Oh,and I love hairbands,which is ALOT.
I have a collection of hairbands,it's now approching 20.
I just couldn't help myself from loving hairbands!
Hairbands hairbands hairbands lalalalala~~

'Step up 3' was nice,the movements were AWESOME.
I watched Step up 2 before,I am glad to see Moose,Kito and some of the MSC crews again in the third.
I like Luke,he's a ROBOT.
Oh my I am totally in love with his robotic movements,fall for them.
Julian was a selfish brother,I don't like him.
That was a great movie,I bet you guys will love it if you watch it.^^

Bought a doughnut before we leave.
Choco peanut flavour.
We did not realised that it was raining as we're in the cinema.
The air was damp and moist.
I should have pay more attention to the roads as I was his guide,I am sorry.
Missed my little cutie sweetiepie a lot.
His mum cut her fur a little and she looks even fatter now XD
Owh so cute!
Pics time.

Meet my rabbit band.
I call it as 'bunny band'.

Love that top from Voir.

Ingredients for mini pot.

His juice.

I looked awkward :S


Meet the cheese pork chop set.
Forgot to capture it before eating.
Hah! XD

The soup was great.

Look at the steam!

Stupid tax O.O

At Sunway Hotel's lobby.
A small nice view of Sunway Lagoon.


Love that doughnut.
It's sweeeeeeeet,creamy and tasty :D

Was cleaning my little wadrobe in the morning and made myself dusty.
I am satisfy with what I've done,yeah~ :D
Alright,shall continue with what I usually do now.
Chow people,enjoy your holiday.

❤ hugs & kisses  

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