Monday, September 13, 2010

Wall papers & love❤

Addicted to wall papers these days.
I've bought a lot and I was the one who stuck them all onto the wall,I mean every single one.
Feeling proud and satisfied.


Secondly,the boys' room's door.

Opps,the tree senget a bit.

Forthly,'upper' staircase.

Love D.I.Y.
Look what I've done to my mirror.

It's a shoelace!
I hadn't been using it so I decided to be decorative instead of wasting such a lovely lace.

It shines ❤:)

And look!
Aren't they attractive?
Cutie cheese cake from Kings by aunt Winnie.
I prefer Secret Recipe's.
Teehee,spot the missing strawberry.

Went to Fun & Cheer a few days ago and dad bought 2 mini windmills.
We're of the same kind,we love decos'!
Daughter-like-father X3
Hehehe I'm an angel~~

How good if I am able to fly,then I can lie on top of the clouds and sway my hands to the airplanes.
( I don't think that clouds are able to support my weight >.< )

Bathed Mimi just now,we did it together ^^
She's such a naughty little devil.
She bit his telephone wire a few days ago and she's super duper hyper when she sees me.
Jump and jump and jump and lick and jump.
Hahah,bad girl,but I likey it >w<

The weather is too 'flexible' these days.
Hot and cold,hot and cold.
I love cold,but make sure that it's not wet.
Cooling and windy is perfect ;)

Okie,that's all.


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