Sunday, September 5, 2010

So long

Kakak's going back kampung for 6 weeks today.
I have no idea how am I going to live without her for such a long period.
6 WEEKS??!
Pity my mum,she has do to the chores herself,grandma will help a little.
And I promised myself that I will help with the light works.
I felt sorry for them :'(
And now,the BIGGEST problem is the guys.
They will not help,they don't even care.
Guys should not do the chores?
Guys have rights not to help doing them?
Just because they are male,so female has to do all those stuffs?
Why dad showed the article about doing and planning household chores written in the newspaper ONLY to me?
What about his sons?
Guys are Gods?
Their hands are made of gold?
I just don't understand why girls are kinda 'meant' to do household chores.
We are on the same line,we have the same status,WE ARE EQUAL.
Seriously,I do hate guys who think that they are that brilliant to 'rule' his so called world.
Look at the ancient history,women were meant to 'produce' babies,satisfy their husband's 'needs' and to take care of the whole family.
Not to forget,to SERVE their husband.
The most stupid thing which I cannot tolerate with is the greedy men who can't and don't content with their marriage or 'lower part life'.
What they did was to marry more and more women.
What was women's life?
Slaves? Maids? 
And the Chinese 皇帝 with their 皇后 + 3000 妃子??

I am lucky to be borned in this new era which male and female have the same status.
Female can be the ruler of a country.
Female can become a business woman.
Female can make cars.
Female can fly to the moon.
And female can be soft and gentle.
I have dreams,BIG dreams.
But I wish to become a good mum and wife of my children and husband too.
Besides taking care of my work or my fashion business,I will cook for them,wash their clothes and keep our home sweet home clean and tidy and comfortable to live in (if my husband do not hire a maid for me).
I wanna bring them shopping and design clothes for me.
I want them to be the inspiration in my fashion dream,I wanna become the people's icon basides a good housewive.
And I want some dogs with different sizes.
I want a big garden and a pool.
And I want my family to be blissful and happy.
Hopefully my dream will come true,someday.
I will chase my dream,I wanna make it into reality.

 with my loved ones :)

So long kakak,will miss you.

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