Saturday, September 18, 2010

Haylow :D

Good afternoon my fellow friends. I am so in the mood of uploading a post today,teehee :P

Again,went to DPC for a jog with Kalye Swift and The Ting Ting. Before that,I did something really stupid =.=  Grandma has locked the inner gate when she's out to the market. So,I took the key and unlocked the inner gate when I wanted to wait for Kalye's parents outside. After that,I locked the gate. I DID NOT REALISE THAT GRANDMA HAS LOCKED BOTH. When I turned my head to the gate outside,OH MY GOD,it was LOCKED!! I threw the key onto the sofa and my hand couldn't reach it! Gosh,I screwed everything up and I was thinking that my day's gonna be 'oh no oh my God'. Luckily my brother woke up when I screamed for him downstairs. Poor throat ;'(  I feel stupid whenever I think of it,hahah.

I wanted to jog like,a lot but I couldn't,I got tired within minutes. I'm suck,sob :X  After that,we went to mamak stall and had our breakfast with 2 'extra' guys. I ordered roti telur bawang cuz I like bawang so much. They are crispy and tasty,and they are very healthy bcuz they can help preventing cancer.

BESIDES,vampires scared of them! XD

Muahaha if you're terrified by any ghost or vampires' stories or movies,you can just hang them on your bed or hug them like how you hug your bolster when you're going to sleep. Hahah,it reminds me of Bella Swan's father who did the same thing to Bella. XD  We chit-chatted a lot and we still continue after we have paid the money. I think that the kakak there got a lil bit annoyed,sorry kak.

Had ice-cream as dessert when we were heading to the playground. I missed the swing a lot! Swing,wee~~ I like the 'flying up to the sky' feeling whenever I am swinging. It's like,I can touch the sky whenever I swing up high. I think I have fall to the big blue sky and the snowie white fluffy clouds. Ish ish,I wanna eat Cloud 9.

I bet we all had a great morning :)

A kitty cat I saw in the morning. It's big and fat.

Kalye and me.


Spot her eyes O.O

I wanna touch the sky.

Was late for the art class,sorry for not being a good time-managing student >.<  We did crafts today -- HL bottle Tanglung. I think of Spongebob when I look at the sample at my first sight. Hahah,it has dots ( or 'holes' ) like what Spongebob has :D


This is soooo adorable.^^
Spot the candle inside.

Let's make a storyline.


Is there any food for me to eat??
... ...

GAH!! I don't care,I wanna eat!

Sorry Mister Weirdo Tanglung,look,no food are allowed.

Hmph,I don't wanna choi you anymore. Go away you big bully.

*After 5 minutes...*

Oh c'mon,I am really hungry...Sign. ( showing sad face )

GRRR...Oh please please please~~ I need food,if not I am going to die~~
( trying to act pity )

ARGH! I cannot tahan anymore!! I must eat something! Get me some food! RWARR!

Okay la okay la,nah,bread.

HUH?? Bread??! I thought that was charcoal!!!

*Oh,you don't want lah?*


Nah,open your mouth big big like this :O

Wakakakaka,finally! ( munching yumyum )

That's the end of the story ;)

Walked back home under the hot sun after art class,mummy was out again ;(  Guess what,when I went into the kitchen 'hunting' for food just now and I saw a loaf of VERY black thingy,I thought that they were charcoal or something,but I was wrong. THEY WERE BREAD. I showed them to grandma and she thought the same way too. Hahah,I called it 'African',sorry Mr.Bread Black! Hahah,lil bro just got back and he said 'EEE,WHAT'S THAT THING??!' XD

I wonder why are the cups so attracted to my teeth these days. Whenever I drink,my teeth will knock onto the cup and ouch =.=

Ghee,I should be drinking more carefully.

Okay,gotta go. Enjoy the very second last day of holiday. Chow~ ^^

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