Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yay I've became the super duper chef for today~
Wahaha,I prepared breakfast for my him! XD
Woah I feel like,I am so pro and unbeatable.
Small case small case! XD
Um that wasn't my first time frying sausages,so I do have a lil bit of experiences.
Heh :P
Besides haut doughs,I've also prepared roti canai and pisang goreng for my him.
Errr actually...My mum prepared them and I stole some.

So what we've done today?
We've watched 'The A Team'.
I always wanted to watch the movie cuz I feel that it's awesome.
BINGO! It's awesome.
watch it and you'll not regret.

I like Face.

The part was so funny,right Ben? XD

Lego,aren't they cute?^^
Spot the mohawk.

He treated me ice-cream at DPC,too bad the weather did not allow us to have a short walk.
Stupid rain.
I do not hate rainy day,but I hate it when it troubles me.
And I hate thunder,um...okay,I'm in fear with thunder.

Violin class tonight,hadn't been practising a lot these days,oppsie.
Alright,that's all for now.

Dear,I want this

Or this

I find it scary.

 ben's gal

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