Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family day :D

My uncles and aunts came back on Sunday to celebrate Mooncake festival earlier. Wakaka,they brought back a lot of titbits and mooncakes too! I ate a lot since I can hardly eat some dishes like 白斩鸡,烧鸭,烧肉 and 猪脚醋. Yumyum,I love them soooo much!!❤ After dinner,I played candles and hanged the lanterns with my cousins in the garden. I prefer paper 'old-fashion' tanglungs,I think that they're more beautiful compared to the plastics' or pvc's.

And of course,mooncakes were one of the star too! They have brought back ice-cream mooncake which I have heard and seen for the first time. OMG they were awesome! Too bad that I had to attend to Mr.Fong's extra class,I missed out the fun ;(  Duh,2 tuition classes on Sunday,I don't like it.

Look what she was trying to do^^

My handmade lantern.

Ice-cream mooncake.
Weren't they adorable? ^^

Eating mooncake.

Mana I punya? XD

Were playing with candles.

There're more pictures but I cannot manage to upload all of them cuz the size of them are too big until my pc gets lag when I'm uploading them. Sign :X

Well,going to take study leave tomorrow,heheh :D That's all for now,dinner time. Chow~


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