Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Haircut♥

I cut my hair!! XD
Erm...actually...I wanted to cut them short before,but I berat hati nak say bye bye to my long hair so...I cut them about 2 to 3 inches and I cut them straight. :)
Hmm...I like it. :D
I feel lighter after I went to my haircut,byebye to my long long hair lo...
Heehee,my hair is so cutee! XD
I felt very bored after came back from saloon,I had nothing to do.
Slept for a while before attended to art class.
Feeling dizzy and lazy before that.
Mum says my body is weak,she's going to bring me for a checkup. >.< I don't wanTT!!
Wahaha,attending mum's friend's daughter's wedding buffet later,but too bad,the weather is not so pretty. :s
Please stop raining,rain rain,go away...
Hahah,wanna share some photos with you guys right now.^^
Tadah~~ Open your eyes~

This is me♥

And this,is our beloved Mr.Kent♥ playing hide and seek??

No manners!! >.< 18PL

Wendee and I♥

Chen Hui and I♥

He's late in order to change his outfit. ==

Mr.Kent and I. :)

The cutee dog at KTM station♥

Audrey and I♥

Ting and I♥

Makan~!! XD

Boo the potato!! XD

Zhen Nam and I. :)

Say cheese~ ♥ owh...miss the cheesy wedges!!

Thanks for the KFC. :)

Jacki and I♥

Ryhu Chyi and I♥

Tickets!! The Christmas Carol!! *don't watch it...*

Happy family!! XD

I had a greay day yesterday,thanks guys!! ♥ you all


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