Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rainy Day

It has been raining for the morning and the evening.
It was raining when I woke up in the morning.
If there's no rain,my mummy and I should have been jogging and doing exercises in the Menjalara park.
I wanna sweat! A lot! I wanna burn my calories and fats! XO
Hopefully there's no rain tomorrow morning...
We -- the Choo famiy are going to join 'Terry Fox Run' tomorrow!
The run would be delayed if it is raining.
No...I wanna sweat,a lot. =.=
Since it was raining this morning,so mummy and I went to Tesco earlier for some needs...
And of course,I need my food. XD
So...we had spent about 2 hours there,choosing,picking and comparing.
I bought a little 'needs' only...
2 boxes of ice-cream (cookies n cream + Erm...forgotten...),junk food,my milk,6 yogurt,instant pasta (cheesy flavour)...and bla,I had forgotten already.
That's not satisfying me. ==
Anyway,I can't eat more,I have to maintain myself and my health,for me and for my sake.
I dabao KFC as my lunch after that.
Too bad...there's no more cheesy wedges left...TT sob.
Stupid KFC...
After putting and placing those 'needs' at home,once again,we went to Carefour for our 'needs' again.
We spent another 1 and a half hour at there.
I bought nothing there.
That's not cool. ==
I attended my art class straight away after leaving Carefour.
I was late. :p
And now,all my brothers are not at home,they are both attending their friend's party.
And for me,this is the best chance for me to online. ^^
Ding~ Pet society time.
Time to go,ciaoz. XD


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  1. hey! no one can say kfc is stupid! but u r right... today's kfc is like dat... i m de one hu oso got trouble in kfc... de kfc i go today is PENUH juz bcuz of juz one little birthday party oni... no place 4 me n my gang 2 sit inside... nid to go visit mamak 4 lunch...