Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lazy Pig

Haiz...lazy to study Sejarah la...
I just studied one and the first chapter only...
Hopeless. TT
Hopefully I manage to study at least 5 chapters today...
Erm...for me,I need almost one and a half hour to finish a chapter.
So...there're 10 chapters...
And I'll need more than 15 hours to finish them all?
Oh gosh...I am dying. ==
I am going to study like hell today,I am going to sleep at midnight today...
For my own sake!
It's all my fault,I should have study some days before.
I was too lazy lah...cannot blame me.
Anyway,I feel quite...great after finish studying one chapter,although it's only one.
Going to attend teacher Cheah's wedding dinner tomorrow,exiting! XD
I know what to wear,hahah! XD
having a bloated stomach last night,suffered like hell.
I put on some oilment and ate a packet of 'tiny tinies' for my stomach,I did feel better.
I slept for half an hour accidentally after that.
It was 10.40pm when I woke up.
Luckily I woke up after that,hahah! XD
Feels like watching '500 days of Summer'.
I am going to watch that after exam. XD
Exam ah...let me over it as fast as possible bah...
I wanna relax and enjoy my holidays ah...
I don't wanna touch books for days as my celebration..^^
4 days fast fast,go go go.
That's all for now.
See ya. XD


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