Friday, October 30, 2009

Batik + Ceramic

Today,4A and 4B went to Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex.
Actually,the one day trip was organised for from 3 students as they had finished their PMR.
Anyway,most of them doesn't seem to show their interests so the teachers gave this opprtunity for we form 4ers' to have asmall trip there.
We reached to the destination after an hour at 9.
There was a traffic jam in between the morning as most of the people are going to work at that time.
Duh...we were stucked in the bus for an hour...
Luckily I sat in the bus with air-conditioner...
We fisrt visited to the Craft museum after we reached there.
There are many different wedding wears and accessories of different culture people will wear when they are going to marry,for example,Chinese,Malay,Indian,Minangkabau, Iban,Kandasan,Baba Nyonya and many many more.
There are only 2 floors in the museum.
After we visited the museum,we went to the canteen and took our lunch.
I ate a plate of 'a little bit of fried rice','a little bit of bihun',a piece of chicken and sambal sause and that cost me 3.50 bucks??
Wow,they are earning lotza money. ==
We took some photos fater we had done with our lunch at the garden outside the canteen.
Then,we headed to a small hall to make our batik and ceramic.
I chose a '2 people' conlay and drew the picture on a piece of cloth given by them.
My hands were shaking when I started to draw the lines of wax.
I continue to add on colour to the cloth after finishing drawing the wax lines according to the draw I drew.
Okay...something had happened...accidents...
Some of the wax lines I drew was not think enough,so the colour mixed together when I was colouring different colours on it.
Duh...the background of my Batik is black somemore...
I feel weird when seeing that 'masterpiece' of mine. ==
After that,I 'rushed' to start my ceramic thingy and duh...
Ziying,Yanting,laiyean,a form 3 girl (forgotten her name,oppsie...XD) and I were in the same group which was the very last group.
We were rushing like hell and keep on blaming that it's not fair cuz we were the last group who started the work.
My piece of work is like...everything I do are small in size,so I have to use more time to do more as they are small.
Erm...our group is a special on,too.
We were using 2 kinds of clay and we were the only group which are using 2 types of clays -- the yellow clay and the white clay.
When we were making our ceramics,there were many people who came to our table and asked about the different types and colours of our clay,more than 8,I think so. XD
I was the second last person who entered the bus,yeah,I think so.
I bought a bookmark at a store there,it's nice,and there's a piece of batik cloth inside.
They gave us a souvinir too.
It's a small don't know what 'box' and there were some sweet prums inside.
Hmm...I doens't like it very much.
Argh...I went back with the bus without air-conditioner. ==
Something had happened again when I reached back to school.
Puan Amutha was very mad,very very mad at me,Emily and those who were not practising Kush Kush.
Poor Shanae...I feel so bad cuz she had helped us to avoid from being scolded.
Thanks alot my dear Shanae...I am sorry...
Puan Amutha was going to kick us put??
Hmm...I don't think so.
We,have been practising it for months,and the positions for all dancers were fixed and being comfirmed.
So...I don't think that she will kick us out and find someonelse to learn and practise the dance in a short time...
Hopffully she's not mad now...
I wanna dance. :(
After that...(skip)
Hahah,I feel so happy when I was attending my tuition class.
I was laughing non stop for zero reason. ==
I can laugh very long for a small thing.
Besides~ Mr.Kent is going to treat us a meal of KFC on 20th of November! XDDD
KFC!!!!! I told him that I want 2 cheesy wedges and he said 'Okay okay,no problem.'
Okay,that's all for now.
Gtg,good night and sweet dreams.


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