Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Dinner

It was a vegetarian restaurant located at Metro Prima.
It's not a very big restaurant but it is nice and comfortable.
I felt so exited and had no idea of what I should do after meeting teacher.
She's beautiful in her gaun,which is white and orange in colour.
She was busy,busying serving and welcoming her family and friends.
It starts at 8.30pm,which was half an hour late.
Yeow Xin and I were starving like hell.
Hahah,we were happy and laughed like kids when they started to serve the first dish.
There're 8 dishes but I did not ate much.
After that,we took a beautiful pic with teacher after she changed her gaun again.
It's a gold and dark blue combination gaun.
Her husband is kinda...skinny. XD
I wonder how he know my name.
When he saw me,he asked me whether I am Min Hua or not,and I answered him yes.
Then he said that I have grown up so much and is totally different,and I was...
Does he know me? XD
Hmm...okay,my conclusion is...
Teacher had showed my small kiddy picture to him!
Ahh! Teacher! XD
I am glad and happy that she is always remembering me no matter where she is.
Next time,I am going to invite she and her husband to my wedding dinner in the future.
I won't forget her.
We have known each other for 9 years same as Yeow Xin.
I appreciate what we have been through together,had our sweet times in the classroom,being my tuition teacher,and being my friend.
I hugged her before I leave.
I blessed her with my true heart,and hopefully she will have a blessed and blissful marriage.
I will miss her,and remember,keep in touch.
My beloved 'teacher',or should I call...aunty? XD
Best wishes,by me.


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