Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day Full Of Suprises II

I woke up twice in the morning.
The first one was 7.45am something.
And the second one made me feel happy and suprised.
The second time I woke up was on 9.40am!
Oh my,I haven't been waking up so late in years!
I just can't sleep long,normally I will wake up very early in the morning before 7.30am.
That's my first suprise.
During art class,I think Mr.Chin had forgotten about my art exam so...Just forget about it,and I can skip my art exam! XD
When mummy was fetching me from my art class,she asked me to guess something.
She told me that someone came to my house and we have never seen each other for a long time.
Then I just answered it correctly.^^
My mum told me not to say the answer out,but I just popped the whole thing out.
It was my primary school teacher.
She's 32 now,and she's going to marry! XD
I mean...what a sudden!
My guess was right,I am so proud of myself. X3
She invited me and my mum and Yeow Xin and her mum to attend her wedding dinner on 25 October,luckily we had ended our final exam on 25...
Miss her so much!
Long time never see her already,I wonder whether she has any changes or not.
Yeow Xin told me that she has a curly hair now,and she had become thinner.
Her wedding photos are awsome,she looks beautiful in those pictures.
I am going to make a call for her,and congratulate her! XD
I am so happy for her,looking forward for 25 october. ^^
Oh yea...I had a dream last night.
It was a kinda bad dream...
It started like this...
My dad sent me to buy some mooncakes one day after my tuition.
He asked me to go down and buy alone.
The shop is on the top of a building,there is a lift but I refused to take it because I scared to take the lift alone.
I chose the stairs and started to go up to the top.
When I reached to the third floor,I realised that there's someone up there.
I felt scared so I turned to my back and wanted to go down.
It's too late...there's a guy standing right behind me,'blocking my way'.
Okay,he's holding a scissors in his hands too...
I am scared that they will hurt me.
I know I am dead,so I jumped down from the building straight away withiut knowing what's down there.
At last,I hit myself onto a car and after that...
I have no idea what's the ending of the dream cuz' I was awake.
I think that I was crying in my dream.
I scared I am not going to see my loved ones anymore,so I cried.
It was scary,really really frightened me.
Hopefully I will have zero dreams tonight,I want to have a nice sleep without dreaming.
Okay,me and my fanily are going to celebrate mooncake festival at Benghan's house later.
Food! XD
Better go to get myself prepared right now,I don't wanna get scolded by them.
Okay,that's all for now,ciaoz.


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