Friday, October 16, 2009

I am Sick,Once Again

I am sick,once again.
My mum says that I did not get enough sleep and rest during exam periods.
Hmm...I think so...
I did drank a lot of water but still...Who knows.
I wonder how am I going to the hotel tomorrow...
I will be okay right? Yeah,I will.
Just ate my medicine...I have medecines for throat,flu,fever and dizzy.
My flu...makes my nose blocked. =,=
Duh...I sick twice in a month?!
Hahah,yee yup,exactly.
I though I am a very strong person and will not fell sick so easily. XD
I did not fall sick at all when I was form 2.
I really thought I was damn healthy,wakaka!
I started to feel dizzy when I was attending Pn.Haris's class just now.
Hot body and blocked nose.
Mucus keep on being produced and I keep on wiping my nose with my tissues.
Havin Chemistry class tonight...lazy.==
Anyway,I do enjoy Chemistry class always cuz' Mr.Kent is such a good person and he is very patient.
I,a dumdum girl + f0rgetful,and he,a patient and kind teacher,it's good for me to met such a good teacher,although sometimes I don' really understand what he was saying. Xp
Feelin a bit dizzy right now...
Wow...I got 500 bucks in Pet society! XD
I just love my pet's outfit,I done them by myself. XD
Wanna buy the new stuffs but expensive...
I don't wanna spend so much of my money... >.<
Waiting for my trees to grow...
I want cherry tree...TT
Still left 1 dat 5 hours 15 minutes...for the trees to grow...
Have to wait for so long! XO
Yeah~ Finally,I get what I want...
A bear bear vegetable! XD
So cute! I wanna let it grow until gigantic in size. ^^
Duh...what am I going to do after playing computer?
Just finish playing pet society...
I wanna find some funny videos to post onto my facebook. XD
Oh my...looking at a cute little hamster...
It was making the word 'I love you' with guazhi! XD
Hahah,what a genius hamster!
Going to the hotel tomorrow...have to pack my things soon.
What to bring...importants...XD
- toothbrush
- facewash
- bras and panties
- bikini
- phone charger
- camera
- reference books ( BM )
- slippers
- medicine
okay...I think that's all...oh yea,pyjamas.
Packing time,sayurnara~


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