Sunday, October 25, 2009

Durian Fever + Wedding Dinner!

Wakaka,guess what?
I ate 10 durians yesterday! XD
That's not my best record lah...
My best record is 15 at a time. XD
Wahaha! Crazy of durian! Ate like crazy ah!
Anyway,I was not feeling so well yesterday...I wanted to eat more de...
But I scared I will have fever...
Anyway,I was satisfied. ^^
Going to attend teacher's wedding dinner at night later,can't wait to see her. ^^
Hmm...what am I going to say when I see her?
Actually I called her last night but she was busy with her firends so we just talked so a few minutes only.
Slept at 1 last night...tired...
Took my bath just now,washed my hair and I fell better.
I managed to study 5 chapters yesterday,I rushed 2 and a half chapters in 1 and a half hours and that's amazing. XD
So...I better catch up today,cuz I will not be free tonight. ^^
Okay,that's all for now.
Goodluck for my fellow friends who are going to take Sejarah paper tomorrow.


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