Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Can't Wait!

Argh!!! Exam is gonna over soon! Very soon!
Can't wait until tomorrow's arrival,ahh...
After exam ends,I am going to sleep like a pig for days and weeks as my present for finishing the long long exam which lasted for almost a month.
I am not going to touch my books in weeks!
I am going to thrwo them off and do whatever I like!
I want my freedom back!
I don't wanna sleep late!
I wanna enjoy my life and the coming holiday!
I wanna eat like physco freak and play all the time!!
My TV!
My mask!
My food!
My friends!
My time!
My freedom!
My holiday!!! XDDDDDD
Wakaka...anyway,I feel sorry for form 5 students who are going to take their SPM soon...In 20 days right?
Gosh...I have to do something on...tut.
Wanna get some rest now,bye.


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