Friday, October 23, 2009

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday?
Hahah,no no no,it isn't freaky's just a name of a movie. :)
The time now is 11:09am.
I am heading to school with my brother later...
Sitting in uncle's bus together later,long time no see,uncle! XD
Don't know whether he allow me to follow his bus anot.
Erm...what to write...
Yea...I studied a few pages of Sejarah just now...
Wanna sleep ad,almost.
I love reading on the bed,but the disadvantage is -- you will feel very sleepy when you are reading.
Nevermind,it's a good start for me.
Going to attend teacher Cheah's wedding dinner with mummy,Yeowxin and her mummy this Sunday.
Exited! XD
Can't wait to see what changes had been made onto the bride teacher Cheah.
I do miss her a lot.
This is it,the Sundae~
Duh...I felt very mad too..
I wanna go to Sungai Wang and meet him!
My 'Ku Jun Byo'! XO
Too bad that I am having this dinner on Sunday,too.
The 'Ku Jun Byo' event is going to be held at 5pm,evening.
TT I have no hope,hopeless...
I have no time to go and meet him...
If there's a chance,I will sure be going there and I will bring along vege to meet him.
Ahh...he is so handsome...
My heart melts when I see his photo...
I wonder how does he looks like,I mean the real look of him.
He must be very handsome.
He can be cool,sunshine,cute,sweet,man and handsome.
He looks so sweet and cute in the 'Etude' advertisment.
Oh my God...his smile...I can't forget it forever...melted my heart...
I wanna meet him...But I can't...heart broken. >o<
haiz...I think the chance for him to visit malaysia is very small in the future...
He will become more and more famous,he will be busy and have no time to come to malaysia and meet his fans here...too bad.
This is a very very good chance but...haiz...
Let's just stop mentioning about it...
I will cry...TT
Okay,time to go.
Have a nice day,ciaoz.


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