Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dizzy & Headache

I felt dizzy when I was taking BM paper 2 in class in the morning.
I felt dizzy for more than 2 and a half hour,terrible.
I can't really concentrate when I was feeling not well.
Duh...Mr.Shankar was walking here and there in the class during fourh and five period.
He keep on passing by my seat and my seat keep on shaking when I passed by.
I felt even more dizzy and can't stop feeling mad.
I can't control my mind,I keep on asking him to stop moving here and there,can't he just sit down on his chair quietly and stop making any movements of the floor?
It's not stabil and it suffered me!
I came home at four.
When I came home,my head started to feel pain,terrible.
It lasted for more than 1 hour,I was wondering why was I having these kind of problem these days?
Had not enough sleep?
I drank a cup of coffee at 7.15pm yesterday before I attended to Mr.Fong's class.
I wanna stay awake,and so for my mind to stay clear the whole time.
I don;t wanna yawn,I wanna pay my full attention to his teaching.
After I came back from tuition class,it's already 10.40pm.
I felt tired and sleppy but I can't sleep.
I still have to study my BM for today.
I haven'e really revise yet.
I started to blame myself,and again.
Hahah,useless,I know.
So...I study and study until 0000.
Good,and I woke up at 5 this morning to continue my novel part.
Wanna memorise some important points.
This is how I used to burn my midnight oil,all alone?
Not really,hahah...thanks to someone.^^
So...uploading some photos from my phone to Facebook right now...
Feeling kinda lazy to study BI later...
But I have no choice,I have to.
Otherwise,I will not forgive myself.
Okay then,got to go now.
It's late.
So...goodluck for my friends for tomorrow's English paper and,Hwaiting! XD
Go go go with LOVE.


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