Monday, October 5, 2009

Exam's Just Around The Corner

Exam's just around the corner,and I am scared.
I haven't really prepare myself for the final yet,never.
I am too lazy,keep on playing myself a fool and keep on forgiving myself for postponing my study time for days.
Today is Monday,I will be having my Add-maths exam on Wednesday.
Add-maths is my weakest subject and I am still have no idea how am I going to solve my problems for Add-maths.
I am dying,and I knew I would 'die' in no time.
* oh no,I am dead. *
This is me,the lazy Stephanie.
And she,she can easily forgiving herself on not preparing herself for her final year end exam and she is still playing around there?
Gosh,feels like killing myself now,I do feel bad,but the most stupid thing is,I would never change my bad attitude.
Before that,I told myself that I will pay more attentions and study earlier fpr my preparation for the final exam but still..
I have no strong determinations.
Aunt Iris sais that I have no confidence towards myself so I chose to give up.
I didn't give up,but the front part of her words is right.
I have no confidence.
Zero confidence.
I don't know how am I going to face my exam this time.
I can imagine that I will be burning the midnight oil everynight until the exam's over.
Maybe I will cry to express my feelings when I feel tired or regret.
I really wanna change myself to a better person,I mean a better planner and time user.
Hopefully God can help me this time,at least to revise all I have to revise.
I will do my best no matter what happens,this is for sure.
But the thing is,I am not sure that I can do well.
I can't.
I do not dare to have hope,bcuz I don't wanna have a bigger dissapointment after receiving my results.
My heart will be broken.
I think I will not updating my blog in days until I finished my exam.
I am scared,but what else can I do?
I need supports,I need love,I need confident,but I don't need pressure.
Hopefully my exam will be okay,I mean 'okay',and that's enough.
So...time to go and revise,so goodbye.
Oh yea,and goodluck to all my friends who is going to have their exams soon.
Take care and bye.


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