Thursday, October 29, 2009

Say Bye Bye To Exam!

Exam,stupid exam,bye bye lah!!!!! XD
I can finally relax myself and get enough sleep from today onwards.
I am so happy and touched! >w<
I wanna do anything I want,and eat whatever I want. ^^
Wanna sleep at 10 after Kimora Lee Simmons at night later.
I am going to the butique and ceramic factory tomorrow!
So,I have to sacrifice a bit of my dance practices cuz the bus will not be back to school so early.
Sorry to make my partner to wait for me until 2!
I am sorry Ben...
Walao...why all my brothers are having flu,cough and sick de...
I had just recovered ah!
Don't come near me!!!
Just finish playing pet society...
Having violin class soon.
Practised,hahah! XD
Feels like drinking sour drinks lah...
I want orange juice...I want a cold one...


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