Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hanasekeru Seishounen

It is a very nice anime which was introduced by my cousin sis last sunday.
It is a shounen anime,love it because there are a lot of handsome guys!
Especially Li-ren and Lumati.
Both of them are very cool..
Li-ren is a 20 year old mature man.
He is tall and has black shiny hairs,he has black eyes and he is a Chinese.
Lumati is a 14 year old young boy.
He is the second prince of his country and he has dark skin and blue eyes.
Hahah,they sure are nice looking,guarantee.
I am so envy of Kajika.
She is the only daughter of his dad Harry who is the chairman of his big company.
They live like royalty and they are rich.
She meets with many rich people all around the world.
Her dad had chose 3 candidates for her and ask her to pick 1 of them to be her lifetime partner.
She was only 14! It's so early to be married!
I felt pity for her when I knew this,hahah.
I just watched 6 episode,hopefully I can watch all of them as fast as I can cuz I can't wait to see the third candidate!
I have seen the first 2 candidates.
They are Eugene and Lumati. [ Lumati~! Go ahead! ]
Please show yourself to me,the third candidate.
Waiting for ya.^^
Princess is hungry now,gtg to my dinner.
Au revior.

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