Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Merdeka!

Happy merdeka guys.
It's a Monday...
Me and my family went to grandpa's house for lunch at 11am.
Duh...it will be very boring when we are in the house...
There's nothing we can do! >.<
Hahah,mummy wanted to go to the supermarket nearby,good,I can buy some food again,hahah!
After that,we went back to grandpa's house and we watched a Japanese show called 'Viking'!
Whoa,it is so exiting! >w<
The winner of the competition has won 1 million yen and a car!
So cool~! >w<
We went back home at 3.15pm.
After taking my bath and blablabla,we went to visit Aunty Winnie and her family at Kepong baru.
There was something terrible happening behind her house...
There was a fire,a very BIG fire happened to a plastic factory...>.<
Whoa...the smoke were so dark,and keep on coming out from the factory...
I wanted to go and take a look,but the uncle went out without bringing me.>.<
Anyway.they did took some pics at the scene.
Oh my...5 bomba cars were passing by their house...and the fire and cannot being stopped.
Hopefully everything will be okay.
After that,we had our dinner at a restaurant at Jinjang.
We had waited for more than an hour for our dinner! Gosh...>,<
We started eating at 9.20pm...I need more digestion tonight!
Something terrible had happaned to me...
When I was eating...I saw a dead worm on a piece of my vege...
== insects...duh...
After having our dinner,we went back home before 10.
I was plucking my maid's white hair until 11.30pm,as I need more digestion!!!
I slept at 12.
Tomorrow's form 5s' SPM trial,wishing them all the best and GOODLUCK!
Au revior.


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