Wednesday, September 9, 2009


DUH...I am feelin kinda...blank. =o=
What happened to me?
O thought I am a SUPER cheerful person...hahah...
Just...I am feeling like...I don't know how to describe...
Can someone cheer me up? Or talk to me?
I need silly jokes...I need my crazy bang friends...I need a fight...I need a shoulder.
Duh...shoulders remind me of 'somethin'.
Wanted to write my blgo in chinese,thinks that I may express myself better in chinese as my English really sucks.
But I am too stupid perhaps,I don't know how to use chinese!
I tried to change and I did changed,but I still don't know how it works.
Read someone's blog just now,I really like reading her blog,I feels like...
I feels like we are so alike,in attitude,and in something...(but I don't know what thing is's just my feeling)
It's 5:36pm...evening...feeling hot...wanna take off all my clothes...
I bet I will feel super extraordinary 'cool',hahah^^
6 days left...form5 students,jia you bah!!!!!
Go on guys! All of you can do it! >w<
Oh's Pn.Amutha's birthday,wishing her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Hahah! C:
We manage to get her a new notebook as her present but Shanae decided to give her that gift tomorrow cuz' we have to search for more people to sign and wish her.
We were nervous,hahah! >w< scared that she will find out that we were preparing that for her.
BleBlek! XD
Good,Xueren and me skipped En.Ku Zailan's bio class bcuz' we were practising 'something' for Pn.Esah's retirement nest Wed.
We skipped Miss Tang's class too...feeling bad...>.<
Tomorrow,we have to skip her class!
We have to practise our choir also! But Pn.Amutha...feelin guilty...=o=
Nevermind...let the time flows...
C'mon baby,I am not scared of you,C'MON!
Me,Xueren,Shanae,Abeeeeeeee,Illyn and Farhanah were havin a very funny moments when we were practising the 'something' just now.
We were also practising under the darn hot's killin me...>,<
Many afternoon section students were looking at us! Damn embarassing man! + HOT!
*face turned reddish*
Tomorrow mornin...Duh...rehearsal for that 'something'.
It's kinda weird dancing in Cheongsam isn't it?
Very hard to move...very hard to jump...very hard to...move...we have to dance summore...
Hahah,let it be,I am not scared of you! Hahah!!! XD
Opps...he's back...==
He will reach here in 2 minutes...
I bet my guessing will be definitely + 100% correct.
He is going to rampas the pc from me!
=O= Turning mad...
Becoming lazier and lazier these days...what happened to me HUH?
I can't becoming like this anymore,I have to change myself,and my stupid darn attitude...
For my studies,for my exam,for my results,for my mum,for my tuition teachers,for my future,and for myself.
ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she's goin crazy)
Although I have always been thinkin and wondering why am I so stubborn and so lazy and wanted to change myself,but I know that...IT'S USELESS.
What to do??!
Sometimes,I really wanna cry,but cry for what?
I did not kill people,I did not steal things,I did not do anything wrong,I am just being lazy.
As lazy as a pig,maybe worse than that.
Hahah,this is me,stupid me.^^
I have to have a very strong determination to make me move forward.
Who is willing to lead me?
The wind? The air? My mum? No,not my mum...=o=
Duh...I am becoming insane...but for my own good,I should have known what is good for me,and what I should have done.
So...wishing me goodluck...and wish that I could change myself before I regret.
May God bless me,I need your help,a BIG help.
Got to go...
I will LOVE you all...*kiss kiss*
Muacks...(great,she's feelin better after blogging)


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