Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm sick

I'm sick. I got a fever.
Yesterday was a friday,we went to school for the hindi dance practice.
After that,I went for my lunch at 'Dessert Gogo' for the first time in my life.
Although I ate a little,but I feel so full!
And that doesn't sounded like me...cuz I do eat a lot.
After that,I went to my friend's house and came back at 6pm.
It was raining quite heavily at that time...and I had to walk to tuition myself at 7! >.<
When I reached tuition,I started to feel uncomfortable and dizzy.
After that,my body feels hot but I was cold,and my legs,my hands were cold,I was shivering..!
When the class finoshes,I suppose to attend Ju's birthday party,but I was so sick and I decided to pass her the present and go to see the doctor.
We waited at the chinic for half an hour because there were many patients.
When it was my turn,the doctor told me that I got a fever and my throat is red.
Okay...finally I know why was I feeling cold,hot and dizzy...blablabla. mum forgot to bring her purse...!
I mean money!
So...she told the doctor the truth...
Luckily the doctor is a good and kind man,hahah!
Mummy's so cute! XD
When I woke up today,I was feeling quite okay,I mean at first.
But after I ate my breakfast,my temperature rised again,and my throat was feeling worse.
I lay on the sofa then my bed for hours + TV...then finally I got better again.
I ate a fried chicken just now,hopefully I will be alright,hahah! X3
My mum and I went to 'the guitar shop' for my guitar just now.
I went to the shop yesterday and I fell in love with a beautiful + patterns + red guitar immediately.
Okay....that is so called COOL!!!
*heartbeat increasing*
Anyway,mummy said that it's kinda...costly...but I don't care...I want it.XD
She said have to bring daday along and see what he said.
Hopefully they will get that for me.XD
Oh my gosh...thunder...
Okay,daddy's back.


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