Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hohoho,I AM BACK!!! Sorry guys,I was too busy + there's something wrong with my bloggie,so I couldn't update my bloggie :'( 

Guess what,I am now in Batu Pahat! I was not feeling well on Monday and Tuesday but thank God,I felt much better on Wednesday. Mummy' friend from Batu Pahat kept inviting her to visit Batu Pahat so she has decided to bring me along in order to relax ourselves *stress on work & assignments!!*

After taking KTM and bus for hours,finally we have arrived in Batu Pahat at 3.30pm yesterday. It is a small town,you can rarely see tall buildings. You can see a few rows of old shops and buildings here,the feeling of vintage,lol. Aunty Marie,my mum's friend is a very friendly person. She brought us to eat the famous 'yam rice',chicken soup and curry fish after she picked us up from the bus station. I must say,the food here is super awesomeeee!!!!! XD If I wasn't feeling well,I bet I could have ate more.

Until now *Thursday 12.11pm afternoon*,she had brought us to try out yam rice,chicken soup,curry fish,the famous steamboat and dimsum here. We are going to try out the famous 'otak otak' for lunch,whereas for dinner - Japanese food and wantan noodle! I wish my appetite is better now,my stomach was super bloated and feeling very uncomfortable on Monday and Tuesday,I could barely eat sobsob :(

Gaaaah,too much of words! Pics shall do the talk now :)

Curry fish! It was the most concentrated curry I have ever tasted!!

Holy mama,I tell you,the kampung chicken soup is superbbbb!!!
There're a few choices like black chicken and ...
If you want the most supplement one,try out the black chicken soup ;)
Whoa,best soup in town~!

This is yam rice,special leh?? :P

The green colour 'thing' is actually kale,芥蓝.
Unbelievable leh,it looks crispy and it was very crispy!
Kale + chicken floss,it may sound weird,but the taste is great! :D

Sleepy look in the morning. I look different right?
Nyahaha,you guess :P

Okie dokie,that's all for now. Wanna do some exercise to digest digest :P Will blog about day 2 and 3 soon,ciao peeps! <3 xx

au revoir,
Stephanie C.


  1. woots! have fun in batu pahat deary! :)

  2. omg yam rice! i wanted to try it so much the last time i went there! looks nice