Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank you mother

I'm so glad that I have a understanding and good mother.
When I was upset,she stays beside me and comfort me.
She told me:"no matter what happens,daddy and I will always love you and support you."
That happens on last saturday which was open day.
I didn't score well and achieved good results this time,I was really upset.
I was wondering,maybe that was all my fault,I shloudn't be in 4A.
Maybe I am too lazy,and I have a lots of work to do,I am always busy and have no time to rest and revise.
Now I know,that all my fault,it's my attitude,I am always being lazy.
I know I should change myself,but it's hard.
And now,I am trying my best to change to a better Stephanie.
I know I can do it with my mum and my dad's support.
I shouldn't search for any excuses for not facing my homework and my studies anymore.
I want to achieve my dreams.
I've talked to my mum last night,and I get into bed late last night.
My mum aksed me about my plannings for my coming days.
I've changed my plan and my life after tkaing my report card.
I've foung that I'm not only lazy but also lack of time due to tuition classes.
That's why I had cut down on my tuition classes.
Maybe self-study would be better.
I have more time now,I am happy.
I have promised myself to get a better result in the next exam.
Luckily I have you mother,otherwise I will be suffering myself.
I am sorry if I ever hurt you,I really didn't mean it.
Thanks for everything you've gave me,I will not forget them forever.
No matter what I did in the future,I hope that you will stay beside me and guide me to the right path.
I am sorry if I did anything wrong and I hope that you will forgive me.
I know what I should do,I am a big girl now,I can think.
Please don't be so worry about me,I want you to enjoy your life.
I am glad that I'm your daughter,I am proud to have a mother like you.
What I wanna say is...
I will not cry,I will be tough and strong cuz I've grown up.
I hope you will always guide me in the future and we will continue our life happily ever after.
At last,I wanna tell you something...
Thank you for everything.

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