Friday, July 3, 2009

*news* 3 July 2009

Many things happened today,they really suprised me.
Firstly,I am having a terrible sorethroat,painful!!!
The first thing I do in the morning after I open my eyes is touching my neck and was wondering why is it so painful?
Maybe I talked too much already,but I do not think that that is the reason.
I did drank a lot of water,maybe the weather these days caused my throat to become like this.
That pain was terrible!!!
It was even worse in school,my throat was like bleeding and I can feel the blood and the taste of blood inside my throat.
Oh my God...I was really worried.
Anyway,I feel better right now,luckily...

During Bio class,oh my God...
Pn.Joginder saw my glasses again and I was caught for the second time again.
My God!!! My heart was like...sinking...
She warned me before on the second day I wore the white 'fashionable' specs.
I apologized and told her that I will change my specs and she let me go,she trusted me.
But now...she told me that she was really dissapointed and mad.
I was lead to bilik disiplin,that was just like hell.
I was scared,many people was looking and staring at me wondering why I was walking with Pn.Joginder the headmistress.
Don't look at me! Please!!!
[ In bilik disiplin -- the hell ]
She handed me to Mr.Kumar,lucliky that was him!
She said she cannot last anymore so she went away,whoo...
Mr.Kumar told me not to blame her bcuz' she was really mad with some students who wear white fashionable specs already,I understand...
Mr.Kumar asked me to change my specs and I promised that I will settle all my problems in 2 weeks time.
Good,I can go back to my class again.

Besides,the new PPS board has been announced today.
I am the brand new penolong setiausaha,haha.
I am glad that Yeow Xin is my partner again,love her so much~!!!
Anyway,I was kinda shocked too...[ nth ]
Being a vice secretary is not easy,'the end begins'...
Hahah! Anyway,I will do my best and will not dissapoint everyone.
Suddenly,I feel like I have become older and more mature.
Hah,stop thinking nonsense,bad for health.
Haven't finish my tuition homework yet!
Anyway,all my friends said that they don't wanna do already,so I don't have to worry.^^
Hahah,I am such a lazy pig.
Finally,I hope that my throat will recover soon and I can enjoy my life everyday!


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