Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best wishes for my violin exam

Whoa....my violin exam is over...
Finally...I have waited for this day for so long,my neck has been straighten until very long already,hahah^^
Wanted to celebrate,but it is not a big day,hah,fine,I will celebrate for myself.
I was so scared when it was my turn,my hands were sweating.
I went to the washroom for 3 times before I enter the exam room.
Although I know that it will be over in a short time,but I was still feeling nervous.
Anyway,I didn't showed my worried face in front of anybody included mummy and Sherlyn -- my violin teacher + my accompanyment.
Oh my God,when it was my turn,my brain went blank.
Luckily the exmainor is a good man.
Sherlyn said he was the first ' so young' examinor she had ever seen.
I was shock,he is 30++ or 40,is that counted as young?
Haha,yes it does.^^
I think I played quite well at the first part,the part which is played with Sherlyn.
After the 3 songs,she left the room,the room just left the examinor and me.
Oh my,what's going on...?
It's time for my scales and appregios,I think I did quite well,hahah^^
The next part is killing me.
It's the 'sight reading'.
Sherlyn did not told me about this before,I doesn't know that I will have to face the section if I didn't called Zi Ying.
Thanks to her,thanks for telling me that I will have this section in my exam...
Sherlyn! You didn't tell me everything!
Huh! Luckily I called my friend,otherwise I will shocked and faint!
HUH! You are so evil!
Anyway,I did that part badly.==
May God bless me and let me pass the test,thank you.
The last part is the aural test.
I think I did quite well too.^^ perhaps...hopefully.
The exam only took 10 minutes,so fast!
Good for me,hahah^^
I feel so relief now,may God bless me.

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