Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lola's aquarium

Lola is my pet in pet society,it's a she,hahah^^
Let me introduce her to everyone of you first.^^
She is purple in colour,she has 'furs' beside her faces and she has a pair of meow meow ears.
Sometimes she smiles,sometimes she don't.
Her eyes will change colour and it depends on her mistress's mood.
Hahah,and that mistress is meey! ^^
And now,playfish had created a new fun activity for our pets -- FiShinG!
There's a pond right outside Lola's house ans we can get many kinds of 'things' in there.
That means...tehre are not only fishes but also 'rubbishes'...
For example,soda cans...old boots...old tyres...broken pot...
Anyway,there are also many special kinds of 'fishes'.
Some of them have a dogface,and some have watermelon head,doughnut shape fish,coconut body fish and also love root fish.
Oh my,they are so cute!
I wanted to get a doughnut fish,it is so adorable and with pink cream on it! Hah!
Feels like real doughnut only!
I've caught a puppyfish,it sounds so odd isn't it?
A dog fish?? Haha,that's really...cute.^^
Lola's aquarium is going to be full soon.
Perhaps I will buy her a brand new aquqrium to place more cute little fishes. ^^
Goodluck to you Lola. Au revior.

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