Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day Full Of Suprises

Nice performance today!
My class had performed 'heal the world' by MJ very well and we were praised by Miss Tang.
Today was suppose to be no electricity from 10.30am to 7.30pm.
We were lucky enough bcuz' there was electricity all the time,in school and at home.
Me and Yeow Xin skipped 3 periods at school for our laporanS.
Finally,we had done what we have to do.
After that,me and LooLoo skipped 2 periods (Physics) to 'deliver' some formal letters for the teachers to approve something about Bulan Pusat Sumber.
Grrr...we had spent more than 1 period in order to wait for Pn.Joginder to sign the formal letter.
She was talking to Pn.Zahara for so long!
Something good and terrible happened when I was having my duty.
The good thing is...I had KFC for free for lunch!
This is bcuz' 4C was having a farewell party for a teacher and I get them for free when I went to canteen to search for my friends.
Haha,this is called 'fate'.^^
Anyway,something bad happened later.
My purse and stationaries had been stolen!
Who's the brainless person?
He or she had nothing to do,I bet.
My purse~~~
We (me and friends) were searching all around the school compound included 'boys toilet'.
That was my first time entering the boys toilet,that was very not fair.
The boys' toilet is bigger than our girls' toilet!!!
How can this be done??!
Someone had informed to the disipline teacher,Mr.Thanga and he had took an action by calling some prefects to have a sport check at some specific and suspicious classes.
I searched and searched but I get nothing.
My purse~~~~~ TT
I love that elephant purse so much!
And my am I going to tell daddy and mummy that I had lost all of them..?
Especially mummy.== Grrrr.....
Got to walk back home alone again.
Hate it.
I've practised 'happy birthdy song' for Andrew's birthday!
What about Anthony?
May God bless him,Amen.
Goodnight and before that,congratz to Mr.Leong who had passed his car driving test and hurray for my free food.^^
Au revoir.

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