Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MAD + ANGRY + SAD + !!! = Heart Broken

Duh...TT stupid computer...
What happened to you huh? Why can't I upload my photos huh?
Gimme a reason why,tell me why,HUH?!
I am very boring now and you tell me that 'failed upload'?
What do you mean? You are so mean!!!
You are killing me! Do you know that??!
I am going to kill you!!! AHHHHH!!!!!
I am going to burst in the air...mummy...TT
Sad + mad = heart broken.
I wanted to upload my photos long ago but still...
I love to upload photos,I just love it with no reason.
I love taking photos too.
I wanted and I would like to share my happy things happened around me with all my friends.
I am doing a charity! To help to produce a thingy called 'happiness'!
But you this stupid baka...
Okay okay...calm down...stop screaming.
Being too emotional is not a good sign,please do not be like me...
Help me God...I really need to upload those photos...
I had never upload new photos in facebook already...
I am too addicted,perhaps.
Poisoned by the uploader...[ heart break ]
Duh...hungry again...let's take my second lunch now...
I will eat you you stupid uploader!

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